PhD supervision and teaching

PhD supervision 

1st supervisor for Ms. Nada Ebrahim (PT iPhD): Service Innovation of Blockchain Services (2019-present) 

1st supervisor for Mrs. Yi Zhong (FT PhD): Service Design for Intercultural Adaptation: The case of Chinese International Postgraduate Taught Students in the UK (2021-present)

1st supervisor for Mr Mohammed Albaqami (FT PhD): Artificial Intelligence as an Innovation and Its Role in Supply Chain (2024-present)

1st supervisor for Mr Benjamin Eghan (FT PhD): Fashion and textile upcycling for new product development (2024-present)

2nd supervisor for Mr Paulson Letsholo (external PT PhD): Waste pallet upcycling in Botswana (2024-present; University of Botswana)  

Programme and module leadership

Programme leadership in MA/MSc Product Design (2021-present) 

Module leadership and teaching in MA/MSc Product Design: Product Design Practice and Design Horizons (DESP5001) (2023-present); Product Design and Research Specialist Knowledge and Skills (DESP5002) (2023-present); Product Design Research Planning and Ethics Application (DESP5003) (2023-present); Product Design Research and Innovation (DESP5004) (2023-present); Product Design Major Project (DESP5005) (2023-present); Design Innovation (MAPD5010/MSPD5011) (2021-2023); Insight, Enterprise & Innovation (MAPD5020) (2021-2023); Enterprise, Technology & Innovation (MSPD5021) (2021-2023); Product Design - Major Project (MAPD5030/5032, MSPD5031/5033) (2021-2023)

Module leadership and teaching in BA/BSc Product Design: CAD for Product Designers 1 (DESP1000/1001) (2017-2022); Digital Outputs for Product Designers (DESP1002) (2017-2018)

Other teaching

Teaching in MA/MSc Product Design: Research Methods for Postgraduate Art, Design and Humanities Students (ADHP5701) (2017-2018; 2021-2023); Action Research Laboratory and Specialist Design Project (MADI5403) (2017-2018); Design Project Management and Portfolio Development (MADI5405) (2017-2018); Major Project – Artefact/Design Concept & In-Depth Report (MADI5703) (2017-2018); Major Project: Design/Practice Outcomes Exhibition & Reflective Report (MADI5704) (2017-2018)

Teaching in BA/BSc Product Design: DMU Designers (DESP1011) (2022-2024); Advanced Product Design Skills (DESP1012) (2022-2024); Advaned Technology for Design (DESP1015) (2022-2024); Design Conception - Thinking and Methods (DESP1013) (2022-2024); Design Delivery (DESP1014) (2022-2024); Principles of Design (DESP1026) (2017-2021); Innovation and Commercial Targeting (DESP2045) (2018-2020); Student Design Competitions (DESP3045) (2017-2018)

Teaching in MSc Textile Design, Technology and Innovation: Design, Innovation and Sustainability (MDTI5001) (2018-2019)

Teaching in BA Design Crafts: Workshop Materials and Processes (DESC1001) (2017-2018); Craft Materials and Processes (DESC2001) (2017-2018); Design Crafts Personal Project (DESC3002) (2017-2018); Professional Debut (DESC3004) (2017-2018)