Impact activities

September, 2022: Upcycling Station as part of the British Science Festival 2022 supported by AHRC-funded International Upcycling Research Network and in partnership with De Montfort University and LCB Depot. More event photos, videos and details are here.

October, 2021: Upcycling Art, Craft and Design Exhibition as part of LCB Depot's Design Season with exhibition video and slides.

May-June, 2021: Upcycling Art, Craft and Design Competition funded by DMU Sustainability Team and in partnership with LCB Depot.

November, 2018: Being Human 2018 Festival event, Art with Upcycling, in New Walk Museum & Art Gallery (family art and craft co-creation workshop) with Michelle Reader (using narrated animation on "Art with Upcycling: Origins and endings") funded by DMU VC2020 fund.

June, 2018: Stakeholder workshop, "Scaling up SMEs utilising reuse/upcycling" at Nottingham Trent University (joint event between DMU, Lund University and NTU) funded by DMU VC2020 fund and NTU Sustainable Futures Seed-Corn Research Fund.